Serpentshrine Cavern


Attunement: None
Instance mode: Raid, 25 people
Location: Coilfang Reservoir, Zangarmarsh

Serpentshrine Cavern is the middle instance in Coilfang Reservoir. Previously, you had to complete a long attunement quest chain to be able to enter this instance, but it has now been removed. It's a 25-man instance, and you usually start working on it after you've completed Karazhan, Gruul and Magtheridon (in that order) and have those instances on farm status. You may kill the bosses in any order you like, but you'll be bound to kill Hydross first (else you cannot reach the others) and Lady Vashj last (all bosses needs to be killed to be able to activate the bridge that leads to her).


1. Hydross
2. Lurker
3. Morogrim Tidewalker
4. Fathom-Lord Karathress
5. Leotheras the Blind
6. Lady Vashj

Boss guides are currently being written, please check back later.

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